How to reward renewable energy efficiency

February 23, 2022

The energy efficiency of charging electric vehicles with renewable electricity must be rewarded in the EU's Renewable Energy Directive.

With 1 megajoule (MJ) of renewable electricity,  EVs do 3.2 times more transport work and deliver 5.4 times more GHG reductions than delivering a MJ of RED II compliant bioethanol to a combustion engine vehicle. This key finding from a review of the most recent literature should be front and center in the ongoing discussions on the review of the 2018 Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

Whether or not the Commission proposal for a switch from an energy-based target to an emission intensity target for renewables in transport is approved, the RED must recognise the greater energy efficiency and resulting higher emissions savings from charging EVs with renewable electricity. Both the energy-based multiplier of 4 from the 2018 RED or the newly proposed higher fossil fuel comparator will deliver a clear signal to fuel suppliers that the supply of renewable electricity to EVs should be an important option for meeting the revised RED targets. The introduction of a fuel-neutral credit mechanism increases the importance of accurately rewarding the contribution from EVs to the RED target.


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