How soy biofuels are pushing the Amazon closer to the tipping point

November 4, 2022

Europe's demand for soy oil in biofuels is contributing to our climate crisis, food insecurity and the collapse of the Amazon.

The expansion of cattle ranching and soy farming drives the Amazon ever closer to its ‘tipping point’ – a point of no return towards a climate catastrophe of global impact. Europe is complicit in this with many countries in the EU increasing the use of soy oil in biofuels.  See how Europe’s biofuels policy is putting fuel on the fire and how it can stop this.


Maik Marahrens, biofuels campaigner at T&E, said: “Let’s remember why governments introduced biofuels in the first place. They did it to save the planet. What has been achieved is the opposite. The Brazilian Amazon is being razed, bringing the earth’s lungs to the tipping point. Expansion of soy oil farming plays a major role in this. Europe’s governments and the EU must decide to give the Amazon a chance and end the use of soy biofuels. They did it for palm, why not for soy?”

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