Future of Uber in Europe: electric and shared?

January 29, 2020

A new YouGov poll published by the NGO campaign #TrueCostOfUber finds that the people most exposed to the ride-sharing service Uber, those living in the big metropoles where the corporation has extensive operations, have a more negative perception of the company’s impact on pollution. A briefing on the survey results and the survey data for the each of the markets can be downloaded below.

These findings are particularly notable in London and Paris, Uber’s two biggest markets in Europe, where almost half (44%) of Londoners and a third (34%) of Parisians say it has a negative impact on pollution overall. The survey also finds that more than half (52%) of taxi and Uber customers in seven European countries are willing to pay an extra 15-20 cents (euro) per km for a zero-emission ride.


The future of Uber in Europe: electric and shared?

Survey results:

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