European cities and safety campaigners tell Commission to be ambitious in overhauling vehicle safety rules

May 8, 2018

T&E, together with a coalition of safety campaigners and cities, has sent a letter to top officials in the European Commission urging them to be ambitious in the upcoming proposal to revise the General Safety Regulation.

The signatories wrote to Juncker and others to request that they be precise when it comes to direct vision standards for trucks. A substantial direct vision standard would make allow for truck drivers to see more of the road space around their vehicle, which can make cities safer for cyclists and pedestrians. The letter calls on the EU to introduce a direct vision standard for trucks that makes safer designs compulsory for new vehicles sold from 2024. This standard should include the elimination of the blind spot at the front of trucks and a significantly reduced blind spot on the passenger side. The signatories also call for a differentiated approach based on the type of truck so that safer vehicles can be introduced in urban areas as soon as possible.

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