Position paper: Euro 7 – Europe’s chance to have clean air

September 23, 2021

Read T&E's recommendations for the upcoming 'Euro' car and van emission standard.

Five years on from the dieselgate scandal which rattled headlines and shook confidence in the EU’s emissions regulation, the European Commission is set to finally propose a new tailpipe pollutant emission standards for cars and vans, known as Euro 7, at the end of this year. This gives the European Union the final opportunity to tackle toxic air pollution from cars and vans which continue to choke citizens across Europe.

In this position paper T&E argues that to be successful, the EU needs to be ambitious. It must regain the global regulatory leadership lost after Dieselgate by proposing new comprehensive standards aligned with the EU’s ‘zero pollution ambition’ as well as the objective of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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