EU label for tyre efficiency moves step closer

May 18, 2009

Measures to cut fuel consumption and noise through better tyres have moved a step closer, and must now await next month's European Parliament elections.

Last month, the full Parliament approved most of the changes proposed by MEPs on the industry committee to the Commission’s proposed regulation on tyre labelling.

But this was only the first reading – the second reading takes place after the elections from 4 to 7 June, so MEPs in the new Parliament will come fresh to the initiative.

MEPs have given their support to an EU ‘low-noise’ mark for the quietest tyres, as well as an ‘A to G’ efficiency label similar to the labelling scheme used for household goods. The labelling system would apply to all tyres made from July 2012 onwards, and member states would only be allowed to offer tax incentives for bands A to C.

But the full Parliament rejected two proposals from the industry committee: that a tyre’s label should be moulded into the side of the tyre (the tyre wall), and that the Commission should be responsible for providing explanatory leaflets and posters about labelling to the motor trade.

T&E policy officer Nina Renshaw said: ‘The good news is that most of the important demands from the industry committee have been approved by the full Parliament, but this is a tortuously slow process on what is only a labelling measure.’

‘There is a strong case for strict obligatory measures to force more efficient tyres to be used now, so for a mere labelling measure for mid-2012 to take so long is very frustrating, especially for people living alongside major roads who suffer the health effects of noise and are desperate for some relief.’

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