EEA: Transport still going in the ‘wrong direction’

April 09, 2009

The head of the European Environment Agency says transport trends are still 'pointing in the wrong direction'. She was speaking as the EEA issued a report saying greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU have increased by 36% from 1990-2006.

Delivering this year’s TERM report (Transport Environmental Reporting Mechanism) in Brussels last month, Jackie McGlade said: ‘A simple re-boot of our failed economic system will not be sufficient to build the low-carbon economy we need to deliver on a post Kyoto agreement. It is now time for a new economics.’

The main findings of the TERM report for the period 1990-2006 are:
• greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the 27 member states have risen by 27%, or 36% if international aviation and shipping are included;
• total freight increased by 35% (650 mt km), but rail and inland waterways saw a decline in market share;
• car ownership in the 27 rose by 22%, or 52 million cars;

The report says that if current trends continue, total transport emissions could grow by nearly 50% between 1990 and 2020 – almost all coming from road and international transport (road 60%, aviation and marine 39%).