Decarbonising corporate fleets – Electromobility Platform paper

September 20, 2021

Corporate fleets, make up an outsized proportion of vehicle emissions and therefore represent the low-hanging fruit for road transport decarbonisation.

The Electromobility Platform – of which T&E is a member alongside companies such as Uber and Tesla has laid out what the European Commission needs to do to electrify company car fleets. Corporate and urban fleets like company cars, carsharing and ridehailing are high-mileage, making it economical for them to switch to electric, as fuel costs and maintenance costs are lower. And as corporate fleets quickly become private cars through the second-hand market (average ownership of 36 to 48 months), switching corporate fleets to electric would provide affordable electric cars for the average European buyer.
Yet, the electrification potential of corporate vehicles remains largely untapped due to a lack of clear rules and incentives. The Electromobility Platform recommends progressively reaching the objective of 100% of new corporate fleets to be electrified by 2030 (50% by 2025).

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