Council off track on the ESR

June 2, 2022

EU-27 scoring and recommendations for improvement

In the following weeks, EU co-legislators are expected to adopt their position on the review of the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR). This key climate legislation sets national emissions reduction targets in the sectors of road transport, buildings, agriculture, waste and small industry. Covering around 60% of the EU’s total emissions, the ESR’s contribution is crucial for the success of the Green Deal and the achievement of the EU-wide 2030 climate target. However, the law is flawed and full of loopholes that will hollow out these national targets. If countries use those loopholes to their full extent, the EU will miss its 2030 goal for the ESR sectors by about 7 percentage points.

Member states in the Council now have the opportunity to improve the law. T&E looked into governments’ positions on the 6 elements of the ESR currently discussed within the Council to evaluate which countries are seeking to weaken or improve the regulation. By ranking member states according to their ambition, or lack thereof,  this briefing suggests ways they can improve their stance.

Watch this video to find out more about the Effort Sharing Regulation:

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