Aviation ETS: T&E’s feedback to EU Commission proposal

January 5, 2022

The EU ETS rules for aviation can go much further to address the unfair privileges the sector is currently benefitting from, a new briefing by Transport & Environment (T&E) finds.

The European Commission is proposing to reform the EU ETS rules for aviation. It seeks to address some unfair privileges the sector was benefiting from and start applying a more effective price on aviation emissions. But it unfortunately continues to implement Corsia, ICAO’s carbon offsetting scheme, despite its confirmed lack of economic and environmental integrity.

T&E’s recommends certain amendments to the European Commission’s impact assessment:

  1. Remove free allowances as soon as possible and finance the deployment of e-fuels through the use of auction revenues
  2. Reintegrate extra-EU aviation emissions within the scope of the EU ETS and limit the application of Corsia on routes departing from Europe given lack of carbon leakage risks
  3. Propose additional measures to strengthen the EU ETS and address non-CO2 emissions

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