Analysis of long haul battery electric trucks in EU

August 24, 2018

This paper investigates the role that long-haul battery electric trucks may play in Europe to help achieve the Paris Agreement goal, to decarbonise road transport in the EU by 2050.  The paper looks at the latest in market developments from EU and international truck makers.

An analytical approach is used to calculate the energy requirements of the battery expected for the types of missions typically undertaken by trucks. A total cost of ownership analysis is undertaken, as well as charging strategies and potential solutions to overcome the significant power requirements on the grid from fast charging. The conclusion is that despite scepticism from some in the industry, battery electric trucks are technically viable and can be cost competitive today with the right signals from lawmakers, such as having CO2 standards for trucks and trailers, road charging that differentiates on CO2, reform in the weights and dimensions directive, among others.

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