2020 annual report

Annual Reports

Every year T&E gives an overview of the key developments in clean transport and the role we played in shaping the debate

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2020 annual report

Annual report 2020

While the world was locked down, transport’s green transformation was being unlocked. From electric vehicles to aviation, a great acceleration was under way.

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Annual report 2019

After 30 years of evolution, the climate and environment crises demand a revolution.

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Annual report 2018

Europe is at war. On one side are poisonous diesel trucks, heavy suvs, dirty cruise ships and incessant oil wells. on the other side, facing them, are agile electric cars, quiet trains, cleaner lorries and smooth wind turbines.

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Annual report 2017

Phones are everywhere. We all have one. And before they land in our palm, they have to travel the world. Cars, trucks, planes, ships – virtually all modes of transport are involved. To better understand the impact of transport on our environment and health, let's follow the trip of one of those phones.

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Annual report 2016

Transport is now Europe’s biggest climate problem 26% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UNFCCC.

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