Policy Team

Jo Dardenne

Director, Aviation Brussels (EU)

Jo joined T&E in 2019 having spent four years at Grayling Brussels Public Affairs, where she held the position of public affairs manager. She headed the consultancy’s transport practice. Jo is part of T&E’s aviation and shipping team and manages their sustainable aviation campaigns which aim to address the impact of one of the transport sector's fastest growing greenhouse gas emitters. Her focus includes aviation taxation, the EU emissions trading system, and sustainable fuels.

A French and British national, Jo has experience working in European and French public policy. This includes working on various public affairs campaigns for companies, trade associations and NGOs in the fields of transport, trade, tourism and energy. Jo graduated from the ISMaPP school in Paris, where she studied public and political management as well as communication. In preparation for that, she studied law for three years. Outside of the office, Jo enjoys many sports and activities, such as indoor football, Zumba and playing the piano.

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