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Transport and the UK general election

For the next Government, the need to tackle climate change is more pressing than ever and transport is the highest-emitting sector

Cars, Cities, Industrial policy

London improving UK’s energy security faster than other regions

Diesel fuel sales fell nearly 40% over the past four years with other regions only managing a decline of 20% - demonstrating ULEZ's positive air pollu...

Cars, Cities, Industrial policy, Buses

London diesel fuel sales falling at twice the pace of rest of UK

Sales fell nearly 40% over the past four years with other regions only managing a decline of 20% - demonstrating that the ULEZ not only has positive a...


The “early majority”: the next phase of the EV transition in the UK

T&E UK lays out what the barriers are for the next segment of battery electric vehicle adopters and what can be done to help them make the transition

Cars, Industrial policy

Reforming UK taxation for large, heavily-polluting cars

The UK is failing to properly tax oversized, highly polluting cars compared to other European countries. Reforming taxes on new car purchases, targeti...

Cars, Cities, Industrial policy

UK government creating “a tax haven” for large, luxury cars

The UK is not properly taxing larger, luxury, more-polluting vehicles which is leading to a flood of oversized cars entering the market

Cities, Cars, Industrial policy

What’s happening with SUVs in the UK

2023 saw a big leap in the number of SUVs being sold in the UK but let's look at the figures a bit more

Cars, Cities, Industrial policy

UK SUV sales have increased by more than a fifth in one year

SUV sales exceeded 1 million in 2023, having increased 23% between 2022 and 2023 and are an increasing share of car sales

Cars, Cities, Batteries

Cars are getting too big for British roads, new research shows

Over half of new vehicles are too wide for many on-street parking spaces

Cars, Batteries, Industrial policy

Pushing back of ban on new petrol and diesel cars sales will be “an attack on industry, climate and consumers”

Delay of ban will send shockwaves across industry and planned investments in infrastructure and batteries as well as blowing a massive hole in carbon ...

Cars, Batteries

Carmakers urged to stop prioritising SUVs over smaller and more affordable electric cars

People in the UK more likely to buy EVs if they were offered an affordable small BEV.

Cars, Vans

“Dither and delay” of UK government on electric vehicles risks investment essential to transport decarbonisation

The “dither and delay” manoeuvres of the UK government concerning the zero emissions car and van mandate could risk billions of pounds worth of privat...