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Consultation Response: UK Emissions Trading Scheme: Future Markets Policy

T&E UK agrees with the authority’s assessment that the auction reserve price (ARP) should be retained. Furthermore, the ARP should be increased annual...

Planes, Ships, Energy

Consultation response: hydrogen blending for GB gas distribution networks

T&E's response to the final consultation on blending hydrogen into gas distribution networks in Great Britain.


Consultation response: Oil and Gas Fiscal Regime Review

T&E's response to the questions posed by the Oil and Gas Fiscal Regime Review Call for Evidence


Pathway to net zero aviation: Developing the UK sustainable aviation fuel mandate

Transport & Environment's consultation response


Consultation response: UK ZEV mandate and CO2 emissions regulation

T&E's response to the final consultation on the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate and CO2 emissions regulation for new cars and vans in the UK


2040 Zero Emissions Airport Target

Transport & Environment's consultation response


UK legal obligations on international shipping

How the UK is in breach of its international obligations to reduce the climate impact of international shipping by waiting for the International Marit...

Planes, Ships

Consultation response: Widening the UK ETS to all emissions from shipping and aviation

This submission summarises Transport and Environment views in response to the questions posed in the Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ET...

Cars, Vans

Response to consultation on design of UK ZEV Mandate

T&E's response to the Government's consultation says that the UK is on the right track to implementing a strong Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, but the...


Phasing out the sale of polluting trucks in the UK

The Government's proposals to end of the sale of diesel trucks should be moved forward quickly, T&E says in a consultation response.

A plane refuelling

Mandating the use of sustainable aviation fuels in the UK

T&E responds to questions posed by a public consultation by the UK government.


New Road Vehicle CO2 Emissions Regulatory Framework for the UK

T&E's consultation response says that UK policy is on the right track but that risks remain, particularly in driving the supply and sales of PHEVs and...