Response to consultation on design of UK ZEV Mandate

June 13, 2022

T&E's response to the Government's consultation says that the UK is on the right track to implementing a strong Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, but the proposed targets for cars and vans fall way short of where they should be in the early years.

The UK Government’s proposals put forward in its Technical Consultation on the design of the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate are a major step in the right direction. Overall, the design of the proposed ZEV Mandate is good, but the ambition of the proposed targets fall way short of where they should be if the Mandate is to drive the market as intended, especially for vans. The Government should increase its 2024 targets to at least 34% for cars and 17% for vans.

It is important for the Government to remember that the purpose of this regulation is to drive ambition, not be a backstop or insurance policy. The Government should not set targets that are lower than the market would achieve anyway. Targets should be ambitious, but realistic, ensuring that manufacturers produce and deliver increasing numbers of zero emission vehicles in and to the UK.

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