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Ships, Industrial policy

What is needed from the UK’s revised Clean Maritime Plan

The UK shipping sector urgently needs a policy framework to decarbonise for Net Zero, but indications are that the refreshed Clean Maritime Plan will ...

Cars, Batteries

Closer EU ties would help the UK to secure battery production and save its car industry

Faced with competition from China and others, a pan-European battery supply chain is stronger than the EU and the UK working on their own.

Drawing of Boris Johnson
Climate Tools

UK: Johnson struggles to reconcile climate leadership with popularity

The Prime Minister has firmly established the UK as a global leader in climate policy but remains unwilling to make the most difficult choices needed ...


UK’s big plan to green transport edges ahead of ‘Fit for 55’ on the road

The UK government’s Decarbonising Transport plan, announced on the same day as the EU Fit for 55 review, goes further than the EU Commission’s proposa...

Cars, Planes, Ships, Cities

California-sur-Manche or Singapore-on-Thames?

In 2020 the UK finally left the EU, though trade negotiations grind on and maintaining a level playing field for business remains a major sticking poi...

Gap to produce sufficient numbers of EVs to comply with the law in 2020

Rise in UK car CO2 emissions largely a result of increasing SUV sales, not declining diesel

The increase in UK new car CO2 emissions by 0.8% in 2017 reported by the UK industry arises mainly from a shift to larger SUV and dual-purpose vehicle...