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Batteries, Cars, Energy, Industrial policy, Planes, Ships, Trucks, Vans

Transport and the UK general election

For the next Government, the need to tackle climate change is more pressing than ever and transport is the highest-emitting sector


Above the clouds: UK aviation emission and flight trends in 2023

Pollution from UK-departing planes is almost back to pre-pandemic levels, and there is a very good chance that emissions levels in 2024 will be the hi...

Cars, Cities, Industrial policy

London improving UK’s energy security faster than other regions

Diesel fuel sales fell nearly 40% over the past four years with other regions only managing a decline of 20% - demonstrating ULEZ's positive air pollu...

Cars, Industrial policy

Reforming UK taxation for large, heavily-polluting cars

The UK is failing to properly tax oversized, highly polluting cars compared to other European countries. Reforming taxes on new car purchases, targeti...


The case for zero-emission UK shipping: maritime energy policy recommendations

The UK currently has “no credible policies” for shipping emissions to meet the carbon budgets, according to the Climate Change Committee. A visionary ...


Implications of an e-fuel mandate for UK shipping

How an e-fuel mandate in the UK could help achieve decarbonisation pathways by driving up uptake of zero emission shipping fuels.


Hydrogen use in UK aviation

Recommendations for the Jet Zero strategy’s hydrogen commitments

Big Ben and House of Parliament at Night
Cars, Batteries

How decarbonising road transport can be a success story for UK industry

This briefing sets out Transport and Environment UK’s thinking on how the UK should approach climate and industrial policies that can together deliver...


UK airlines: not paying for pollution

Why is the Government letting airlines off the hook?


A pricey omission: not charging ships for their pollution costs the UK dearly

Now is the time to apply the polluter pays principle to UK shipping


Applying Kerosene Duty to Aviation

What would the effects of different duty levels be?


Reforming the UK’s car tax system

T&E's recommendations to reform Vehicle Excise Duty and Benefit-in-Kind in the UK