Consultation response: UK ZEV mandate and CO2 emissions regulation

May 23, 2023

T&E's response to the final consultation on the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate and CO2 emissions regulation for new cars and vans in the UK

This consultation marks another important step for the UK’s efforts to decarbonise road transport. Once finalised, these proposals will turn into legally-binding targets that set the UK clearly on a world-leading path to 100% zero emission vehicle (ZEV) sales by 2035.
While T&E is pleased that the Government’s final proposals have been put forward, we believe that the proposed targets for cars and vans still fall way short of where they should be if the mandate is to drive the market as intended. Meanwhile, proposals to introduce flexibilities for manufacturers in the early years of the regulation are way too generous and risk undermining the speed of the EV transition in the short term.
Our response sets out details on our recommendations for higher targets, reduced flexibilities and the design of the new CO2 emission regulation for non-ZEVs.

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