Consultation response: hydrogen blending for GB gas distribution networks

October 30, 2023

T&E's response to the final consultation on blending hydrogen into gas distribution networks in Great Britain.

T&E recognises that hydrogen will be essential in decarbonising certain sectors but believes that any long-term national strategy needs to focus on ensuring that those sectors are well-served by hydrogen production facilities.
An abundance of academic literature has outlined that hydrogen would be unfit for use in the gas grid and that heat pumps are the best and most cost-effective solution for decarbonising home heating in the UK. Putting green hydrogen into the gas grid would also result in the absolutely absurd scenario where electricity is used to create hydrogen, which is then injected into the gas grid, which is funneled to a power station where it is burnt to create electricity.
The transport sector however, could make efficient use of hydrogen – particularly to decarbonise aviation and shipping. Regardless the amount of hydrogen needed to decarbonise these sectors would make use of a large amount of renewable energy capacity so it’s essential that government puts the building blocks in place to achieve decarbonisation of these sectors rather than trying to integrate hydrogen into the gas grid.

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