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Transport and the UK general election

For the next Government, the need to tackle climate change is more pressing than ever and transport is the highest-emitting sector


The UK's most polluted ports, ranked

Milford Haven, Southampton and Immingham top three lists for emissions of harmful sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and fine particulate mat...

Ships, Industrial policy

What is needed from the UK’s revised Clean Maritime Plan

The UK shipping sector urgently needs a policy framework to decarbonise for Net Zero, but indications are that the refreshed Clean Maritime Plan will ...


The case for zero-emission UK shipping: maritime energy policy recommendations

The UK currently has “no credible policies” for shipping emissions to meet the carbon budgets, according to the Climate Change Committee. A visionary ...

Planes, Ships, Energy

Consultation response: hydrogen blending for GB gas distribution networks

T&E's response to the final consultation on blending hydrogen into gas distribution networks in Great Britain.


Implications of an e-fuel mandate for UK shipping

How an e-fuel mandate in the UK could help achieve decarbonisation pathways by driving up uptake of zero emission shipping fuels.


Southampton suffering some of the worst cruise ship pollution in Europe – study

Cruise ship pollution in Southampton is back to pre-pandemic levels in stark contrast to Venice who implemented a ban in 2021 and has seen harmful pol...


A pricey omission: not charging ships for their pollution costs the UK dearly

Now is the time to apply the polluter pays principle to UK shipping


UK legal obligations on international shipping

How the UK is in breach of its international obligations to reduce the climate impact of international shipping by waiting for the International Marit...

Planes, Ships

Consultation response: Widening the UK ETS to all emissions from shipping and aviation

This submission summarises Transport and Environment views in response to the questions posed in the Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ET...

Planes, Ships, Cars

A low carbon future for UK transport

Transport and Environment (T&E’s) views on the UK Department for Transport’s Low Carbon Fuels Strategy Call for Ideas

Planes, Ships, Energy, Cars, Trucks, Vans

Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity

Renewable electricity will do the heavy lifting to decarbonise transport, but we still need the policies to make this happen, T&E says in a submission...