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Transport and the UK general election

For the next Government, the need to tackle climate change is more pressing than ever and transport is the highest-emitting sector

Cars, Vans

“Dither and delay” of UK government on electric vehicles risks investment essential to transport decarbonisation

The “dither and delay” manoeuvres of the UK government concerning the zero emissions car and van mandate could risk billions of pounds worth of privat...


The UK ZEV mandate: Getting electric vans out of the slow lane

T&E's briefing outlines why the UK needs more ambitious ZEV mandate targets to accelerate the supply of electric vans.

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Response to consultation on design of UK ZEV Mandate

T&E's response to the Government's consultation says that the UK is on the right track to implementing a strong Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate, but the...


Cheaper for white van man to go green in the UK, study finds

Average e-van is up to one-quarter cheaper to own and run per mile than a diesel in the UK while a new poll shows most van buyers want to go electric.

Planes, Ships, Energy, Cars, Trucks, Vans

Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity

Renewable electricity will do the heavy lifting to decarbonise transport, but we still need the policies to make this happen, T&E says in a submission...

Cars, Vans

The UK aims for emissions-free roads, in world-first

The UK government’s Decarbonising Transport plan, announced today, is targeting having only zero-emissions vehicles on the UK’s roads - a world first.

Trucks, Vans

How to decarbonise the UK’s freight sector by 2050

To achieve the UK’s net zero target, vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs), will need to be entirely decarbonised. This study analyses polici...

Cars, Vans

The UK’s CO2 standards for new cars and vans

This paper responds to the UK Department for Transport (DfT) consultation on future car and van CO2 standards.

Palm oil diesel factories in Europe
Cars, Vans

Phasing out sales of new cars with engines – a UK approach

This paper responds to the UK government consultation on the policies and regulations needed to phase out sales of new cars and vans with engines by 2...