The UK ZEV mandate: Getting electric vans out of the slow lane

October 12, 2022

T&E's briefing outlines why the UK needs more ambitious ZEV mandate targets to accelerate the supply of electric vans.

The battery electric van market has lagged far behind that of cars. Weak regulation and manufacturers holding back supply have held the van market back from keeping pace with the ever expanding electric car market. The ZEV mandate provides a key opportunity to put the electric van market on the right track, by targeting 15% zero emission van sales in 2024 and 80% in 2030.

In addition to the triple win of reducing emissions, tackling cost of living and boosting energy security, placing the UK as a global leader for electric vans could provide an additional boost to the economy by attracting investment and safeguarding and creating new jobs in the automotive industry.

To find out more, download the briefing.

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