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From Farm to Fuel: inside Eni’s African biofuels gamble

An in-depth look behind the scenes of Eni's new green strategy: developing new agricultural production channels from scratch in six African countries to supply its refineries and the emerging 'green' aviation market. All against the backdrop of the Meloni Government's new influence strategy in Africa, the Mattei Plan, which gives pride of place to energy deals

La majorité des grandes flottes automobiles n’atteindra pas les objectifs de verdissement fixés par la loi pour 2022

Une nouvelle étude de T&E France révèle qu’en 2022, la majorité des entreprises et des administrations n’est pas en bonne voie pour atteindre les quotas de « verdissement » de leurs parcs automobiles prévus par la loi, malgré une réglementation très permissive. Cette analyse s’accompagne d’un classement inédit de l’électrification des 100 plus grandes flottes de France.

Climate data analyst

Interested in using and developing  modelling tools of national and European emissions trajectories, making quantitative analysis of the climate impact of measures included in the National Energy and Climate Plans and of decarbonisation pathways for transport? Then this job is something for you!

Shipping Policy Officer – “Sustainable Fuels”

How do we transport goods more sustainably in Europe? How do we make ships cleaner and more efficient? And how do we raise the public interest for shipping emissions? Do you have an interest in policy with an understanding of EU policy-making and politics, a genuine passion for climate and energy issues, and a desire to learn about maritime transport? If you want to help answer these questions, and turn your ideas into reality, this may be the job for you. We are looking for a shipping officer to help accelerate the uptake of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in shipping.