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Biofuels and land use change: a debate

In a letter published in today's European Voice, T&E argues that a number of independent experts, scientists and institutions have said that land use change must be accounted for in the calculation of overall greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels. To accompany the letter T&E has published a review of these studies, together with the relevant passages.

Nature sites at risk from EU transport projects

Over a thousand protected nature areas in Europe are under serious threat from high-profile EU-funded transport infrastructure projects according to a new report by BirdLife International, RSPB and other environmental groups [1], which was presented in the European Parliament today.

MEPs retreat on aviation emissions plan

Hopes of curtailing the rapid growth of greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation sector have been hampered by the European Parliament's environment committee, say environmental groups Transport & Environment, WWF, Friends of the Earth and Climate Action Network.

Christmas comes early for SUV makers

The European Parliament has voted on new vehicle emissions standards (Euro 5 /6) in a compromise deal with ministers that allows makers of gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles (SUVs) an extra three years to comply.

What role for rail?

The EU should make more efficient use of existing transport infrastructure and overhaul the way it decides what infrastructure projects to invest in to make the process fully transparent and economically sound according to T&E Director Jos Dings speaking at today's high-level European Commission conference on the future of rail.

How clean is your car brand?

Three-quarters of the 20 major car brands sold in Europe last year have failed to improve fuel efficiency at the rate needed to meet a key EU climate target, new figures show. Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest car brand in terms of sales, has improved fuel efficiency at less than half the rate needed. In contrast, Renault, Europe’s second biggest brand and a direct competitor of VW, is on track to meet the target for the average new car sold to emit 140 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre by 2008. Renault reduced its emissions by twice as much as VW. Download press release (pdf): english | français | deutsch Download the T&E report (pdf): How Clean is Your Car Brand? (english only) Download selected media coverage (2.5mb pdf)