Nadine Mingers

Clean Trucks Officer

European Union (Brussels)

Nadine joined T&E in November 2021 having worked on sustainable mobility policies in the context of EU youth advocacy and the climate-neutral transition of the mobility sector. She had previously undertaken a traineeship with the EU Commission, working in DG Environment, and worked as the Clean Mobility Coordinator at Generation Climate Europe.

As part of T&E’s freight team, she is rallying support for an ambitious revision of the truck CO2 standards, strengthening the activities for the van CO2 standards and works on the coalition-building in the freight sector. Besides that, her responsibilities include the financing of zero emission trucks and infrastructure.

Nadine studied Media and Communications for Digital Business at the University of Applied Science Aachen and the Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Wageningen University. Besides being a native German speaker, she speaks English, Dutch and (Brazilian) Portuguese. Apart from parkouring through the streets of Brussels and climbing (in the gym), she enjoys the tunes of her piano and doing her best to get a grasp on French.