How to decarbonise international shipping and aviation

How can states address international shipping and aviation emissions as part of their Paris Agreement obligations?

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Last year’s fit for 55 package was a landmark in climate policy. Arguably its most remarkable achievement is to make international shipping pay for its pollution under the emissions trading system (ETS).

Shipping and aviation together represent around 6% of the world’s emissions, but the vast majority of these emissions go unregulated, in spite of the world’s pledge to address the urgent threat of climate change.

The Paris Agreement stipulated that Parties should make “economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets”, yet so far only the EU has accounted for aviation emissions in its climate plan – NDC in Paris Agreement jargon – and no state has included international shipping.

T&E has commissioned legal analysis of the Paris Agreement to analyse this omission, which will be discussed in the event. Participants – including the author of the legal analysis, Estelle Dehon (Cornerstone Barristers); Jytte Guteland MEP; Lambert Schneider (Oeko Institute) and a representative of DG Clima – will reflect on ways that states can reduce shipping and aviation emissions.

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