MEPs, it’s time for cleaner air!

Every year 400,000 people die prematurely because of air pollution in Europe, but the European Parliament has the power to change that. This video shows what the air is like for Members of the European Parliament, in the EU quarter in Brussels, and invites them to take action by improving air quality laws.

MEPs, it’s time for cleaner air!

Safer, cleaner lorries on BBC London news

BBC London – Lorries represent just 3% of the vehicle fleet in the EU but they cause 25% of road transport emissions, and are involved in 15% of fatal crashes, which kill 4,200 people/year. Redesigned lorries will be safer, but also cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

BBC London News 29 Jan 2014 TfL lobby Europe lorries

Freie Fahrt für Lobbyisten? / Free rides for lobbyists?

A news report by German public-service broadcaster ZDF on the influence of carmakers' lobbyists on government policy. Featuring Transport & Environment's Greg Archer on how the lobbyists' efforts are forcing a compromise on EU car CO2 standards.

Freie Fahrt für Lobbyisten? / Free travel for lobbyists?

Soot-free Europe

Why little things matter? Minuscule particles in the air, called soot, cause more than 300,000 deaths a year in Europe alone. If we don't reduce soot emissions now, the Artic will be under water in 40 years.

Soot Free for the Climate