Why are advanced biofuels best used in moderation?

Using waste and residues (used cooking oil, forestry residues, organic municipal solid waste, cereal residues for example) instead of crops would mean that no new agricultural land is needed and the issue of clearing forests for agricultural land is addressed.

Advanced Biofuels

Why are most biofuels worse for the climate than fossil fuels?

Today, biofuels are mainly made from food crops and need large areas of land to be produced. Since most agricultural land is already being used to produce food for people, new areas have to be found to meet the ever-increasing demand for food and animal feed. This leads to deforestation and draining of rich ecosystems, releasing tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Biofuels: Land use, deforestation and emissions (ILUC)

Food-based biofuels: cure worse than the disease

Instead of helping the environment, most biofuels actually hurt it. For example palm-oil biodiesel releases three times the greenhouse gases emissions of fossil diesel. Despite that, it’s used more and more to fuel European diesel cars and trucks. And drivers don’t know they are burning palm.

How can biofuels be bad for the planet?

Platform for electromobility

Electro-mobility can make transport cleaner and cheaper

But to move more people and goods using electricity, we need EU policies, programmes and initiatives that support synergies between the transport and energy sectors.

This platform unites organisations from across civil society, industries, and transport modes. Its members are committed to promote electro-mobility and strive to collectively develop solutions to electrify European transport, and to promote those solutions to the EU institutions and Member States.

Platform for electro-mobility

Frontera Invisible (Land in conflict) trailer

Frontera Invisible is the true story of communities trapped in the middle of the world’s longest war, in which big landowners’ rush for palm oil to produce ‘green’ fuel has displaced peasant farmers and indigenous people. It has destroyed natural habitats and concentrated land in the hands of the rich.

One part environmental documentary and one part social research through victims’ testimonials, Frontera Invisible gives voice to the local communities that are fighting hard to reclaim their land while exposing the major pitfalls of biofuels policy.

Frontera Invisible. Trailer 1 (Subs En, Cz)