Our staff and Board

30 campaigners - 15 countries - 4 continents

Policy Team

William Todts

Executive Director

Greg Archer

Director, Clean Vehicles

Cécile Toubeau

Director, Better Trade and Regulation

Jelena Simjanovic

Director, Clean Energy

Bill Hemmings

Director, Aviation and Shipping

Julia Poliscanova

Manager, Clean Vehicles and Air Quality

Laura Buffet

Manager, Clean Fuels

Andrew Murphy

Manager, Aviation

Malcolm Fergusson

Senior Policy Consultant

Julia Hildermeier

Clean Vehicles and Emobility Officer

Carlos Calvo Ambel

Transport and Energy Analyst

Cristina Mestre

Climate and Biofuels Officer

Samuel Kenny

Freight and Rail Transport Officer

Stef Cornelis

Safer and Cleaner Trucks Officer

Jori Sihvonen

Biofuels Officer

Faig Abbasov

Shipping and Aviation Officer

Florent Grelier

Clean Vehicles Engineer

Kristina Wittkopp

Better Trade and Regulation Legal Analyst

Thomas Earl

Data Analyst

Sophie-Charlotte Walter

Better Trade and Regulation Officer

Veronica Aneris

National Expert, Italy

Isabell Buschel

National Expert, Spain

Communications Team

Nico Muzi

Director of Communications

Eoin Bannon

Media Manager

Pierre Dornier

Communications and Network Coordinator

Lisa Allegretta

Creative Assistant

Zsigmond Kovács

Digital Communications Officer

Chris Bowers

T&E Bulletin Co-Editor

Finance & Office
Management Team

Marc Schuurmans

Director of Operations

Aisling Henrard

Office Manager

Our Board

11 members - 11 countries

João Vieira


Philippa Edmunds


Christian Nobel


Angel Aparicio


Pierre Courbe


Michael Müller-Görnert


Jean Thévenon


James Nix


Alexander Fedorov


Inga Ringailaite


Jeppe Jull