The role of direct air capture in making aviation sustainable

Direct air capture (DAC) - which removes CO2 directly from the air - holds one of the keys to aviation's decarbonisation, as it is essential for producing green e-kerosene.

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Join T&E’s event, following a forthcoming E4tech report,  to assess whether, when and how DAC can be scaled up to decarbonise European aviation.

The webinar will give participants a first hand briefing from the author of the report, and perspectives from  industry and NGOs on what policy support is needed to scale up the technology.

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Provisional agenda:

14h30 – Welcome remarks: Andrew Murphy, Aviation Director, Transport & Environment

14h35 – Report presentation: Jo Howes, Principal Consultant, E4tech, followed by Q&A

15.05 – T&E views on DAC, Andrew Murphy, Aviation Director, Transport & Environment

15h15 – A perspective on accounting for DAC: Keith Whiriskey, Deputy Director, Bellona Europe

15h25 – A view from the industry: Daniel Egger, Chief Commercial Officer, Climeworks

15h35 – Q&A and closing remarks

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