Publications - year 2015

  • New South Wales's sulphur fuel requirements for cruise ships Submitted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 11:10

    The following submission is in support of the introduction by the state government of New South Wales in Australia of stricter sulphur content requirements in marine fuels used by cruise ships entering Sydney Harbour and berthed at the White Bay cruise ship terminal, aimed at reducing emissions. Residents living close to the terminal have been complaining about the effects of air pollution from cruise ships calling at the terminal and this lead to a public consultation.

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  • Discussing the VECTO test to measure CO2 emissions from trucks and buses Submitted on: Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 15:04

    The European Commission has developed a test procedure called VECTO to measure CO2 emissions from new trucks and buses. The VECTO test procedure is a simulation tool that aims to provide truck buyers with accurate fuel consumption information. The details of the test procedure are currently being discussed in a DG GROWTH expert committee and the final legislative proposal is expected in mid-2016. In this submission, T&E advocates a truck CO2 test procedure that is reliable, transparent and easy to use for third parties. T&E also demands that the VECTO simulation results be verified through a form of testing for real-world compliance.

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  • 2025 CO2 Regulation: the next step to tackling transport emissions Submitted on: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 16:47

    This briefing paper explains why setting 2025 CO2 standards for cars and vans offers benefits for drivers in lower fuel costs, job creation, energy security and tackling climate change. It is available in full and summarised versions. The paper highlights how the EU is falling behind in developing advanced efficient powertrains compared to competitors in Asia; and that due to testing flexibilities by 2021 the average vehicle is still likely to emit 150g CO2/km – meaning less than half of the anticipated savings through the regulation will be delivered.

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  • Lorry CO2 – why Europe needs standards Submitted on: Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 12:48

    This briefing shows how fuel economy in trucks in Europe has stagnated for 20 years in the absence of regulation. While the US is pushing ahead with the second phase of CO2 standards, the EU is stuck developing a system for monitoring and reporting.

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  • Public consultations on the Effort Sharing Decision and Land use, Land Use Change and Forestry Submitted on: Friday, June 19, 2015 - 15:13

    In these documents, T&E responds to the public consultations on the EU Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) and Land use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF). As transport is currently the largest sector within the ESD, it is vital to have a strong ESD with limited flexibilities to avoid watering down the EU climate targets and to achieve reductions in the transport sector. The way LULUCF is dealt with is also fundamental to avoiding a decrease in the level of ambition in sectors such as transport. For these reasons, T&E provided input to both consultations in close coordination with other environmental NGOs.

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