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When it comes to transport emissions growth Poland is Europe’s leader. From 2005 to 2017 total GHG emissions from transport grew by +76% (EU average -3%).

At the same time the number of registered cars in Poland is growing by ca. 1 million vehicles a year, which is mostly due to the import of second hand cars from Western Europe. In 2020 EVs made up only 1,9% of the market share in Poland, which was below the EU average of 10,5%.

T&E Poland advocates for promoting the uptake of electric vehicles in road transport, as well as introducing better urban policies and prioritizing electric public transportation.

It is advocating for ambitious policies on national level and EU level.

Rafał Bajczuk

Senior Policy Analyst, Poland

Rafał Bajczuk

Senior Policy Analyst, Poland

Rafał joined T&E as its Polish representative in June 2019. In his role Rafał is responsible for maintaining relations with Polish media and advocating for electrifying road transport on local and national level. Prior to joining T&E he worked for 7 years for a Polish governmental think-tank OSW as an analyst for Germany's energy and climate policy. Rafał completed a master degree in International Relations at the University of Warsaw and a postgraduate diploma in the Functioning of EU Energy Market at the Warsaw School of Economics. Besides his native Polish, Rafał also speaks English, German and Russian. Whenever he can he commutes to his office by bike.



The Polish office is currently focused on the following areas of work:

  1. Proactively shaping policies in order to accelerate the transition to electric road transport and improving air quality. These actions include: advocating for good regulations, ambitious policies on local and national level, taking part in the public debate by appearing in the national media and participating in conferences and seminars.
  2. Supporting local governments and cities by sharing knowledge about electric mobility and effective regulations.
  3. Promoting T&E’s research and actions among Polish media and stakeholders.

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