Maik Marahrens

Senior Campaign Manager, Biofuels & Energy

European Union (Brussels)

Maik joined T&E in 2021 after working for many years at Greenpeace International focusing on land use in relation to climate change. Through a longstanding history in environmental activism, Maik is an experienced campaigner with a strong background in research, investigations and analysis. At T&E he coordinates public work on biofuels and contributes to the organisations’ policy and advocacy work on the issue.

Maik studied biology and completed a masters degree in marine sciences at the University of Kiel, Germany. He speaks German and English and tries to revive his buried Italian and Spanish, now working with T&E’s partners across Europe. He loves his work for a better future, despite it forcing him to sit behind a desk for far too much time. For compensation, he spends much of his spare time outside, training his child’s football team, tending the family’s garden and satisfying his passion for carpentry by building at least one shed a year.