How to tackle toxic pollution from cars and trucks with Euro 7 standards

Euro 7 - Europe’s last chance to reduce toxic emissions from internal combustion engines.

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Wed, October 20, 2021

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST

Air pollution from road transport is a huge problem, with citizens across Europe breathing toxic air, resulting in tens of thousands of premature deaths and tens of billions in health costs annually.

New, more ambitious, WHO Air Quality limits announced last week require large reductions in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution and particle (PM2.5), of which road transport is a large source.

Even with a phase out date in 2035, polluting ICE cars will continue to be sold in the EU for another 15 years and will stay on Europe’s roads even longer!

Approximately 100 million new petrol and diesel cars will be sold in Europe after 2025. Heavy-duty trucks with internal combustion engines may be sold even longer. As such, toxic pollution from the last generation of ICE powered vehicles needs to be urgently slashed.

The new Euro 7/VII emission standard for cars, vans, buses and trucks expected by the end of this year is the urgently required tool to fight air pollution from road transport and prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths and save society tens of billions in health costs.

Please join our webinar to learn more about what Euro 7 is and what the new standard must tackle and deliver to put less polluting cars on Europe’s roads.

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