Greener Flights: Grounded?

Dr. Peter Liese MEP invites you to join him for an evening roundtable on the future of aviation in the ETS. This event will examine the possible options to ‘restart the clock’: reinstatement of the full ETS, reduction to departing flights only (including the 50/50 option) or scope curtailed to regional airspace, as the US and others insist.
Confirmed speakers:
Dr. Peter Liese, European Parliament
Jos Delbeke, European Commission
Minister-Counsellor Mr. LI Song, Chinese Mission to the EU
Paul Steele, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Bill Hemmings, Transport & Environment
The EU is in a real bind. Last year, it suspended the inclusion of extra-European flights in the Emissions Trading System (ETS) for a year. The European Parliament agreed to ‘stop the clock’ on the express condition that the International Civil Aviation Organisation would deliver on its promise of a global measure to regulate international aviation emissions, or else the original ETS would automatically restart in January 2014. The ICAO Assembly meets at the end of September with few tangible signs of progress and with opposition to the EU ETS continuing to be widespread.
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Greener Flights: Grounded?

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    Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 19:30 to 21:30


    European Parliament
    Salon Privé
    1047 Brussels