• #Together4forests

    All across the world, forests, savannahs and grasslands  are in crisis – activities related to forestry and other land use — primarily deforestation — were responsible for 12% of greenhouse gas emissions, which makes them the second major cause of climate change after the burning of fossil fuels. As a major consumer trading bloc and financial player, the EU has the power and the duty to take urgent action.

    In order to tackle the global environmental crisis and its grave social repercussions, it is important to take urgent action to eliminate the EU’s destructive impact on forests and other natural ecosystems.

    This is crucial to preserve the climate and protect biodiversity. It will also help to reduce the EU’s global ecological footprint, improve governance, ensure the protection of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and support a global transition towards agroecological farming systems.

    We need to minimise the EU’s contribution to deforestation and forest degradation worldwide and promote the consumption of products from deforestation-free supply chains in the EU.

    The EU’s public consultation will last from September 2020 until December.

    It is the only opportunity for citizens and civil society to make their voice heard in this debate.


    Take part in the public consultation and stand up for this law, a game changer in the fight to protect the world’s forest and other ecosystems.