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    Recharge EU: How many charge points will EU countries need by 2030

    To keep up with the upcoming electric surge - estimated to be between 33 million electric cars in the current policy scenario and 44 million in the climate neutral one in 2030 - EU's...

     Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - 13:33
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    Green-plating zero emission vehicles

    The green number plate ​proposal​ by the UK Department for Transport provides a worthwhile nudge to the growing market for electric vehicles complementing other more important initiatives to...

     Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 22:18
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    Impulsar la movilidad eléctrica a través de la fiscalidad

    No se puede alcanzar el objetivo de tener 5 millones de vehículos eléctricos en 2030 sin reforma fiscal. Estas son las propuestas de medidas fiscales para el desarrollo de la movilidad eléctrica...

     Monday, December 16, 2019 - 15:11
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    European shipping's climate record

    The monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) regulation of EU maritime emissions requires most ships to report their CO2 emissions associated with journeys to and from the EU. The reported...

     Monday, December 9, 2019 - 00:08
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    Consumer groups and NGOs urge VdL not to include transport and buildings in the ETS

    As European Commission President Von der Leyen and Vice-President Timmermans develop proposals for the keenly anticipated European Green Deal, T&E as well as BEUC, Climate Action Network,...

     Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 10:01
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    Businesses and NGOs call for EU strategy for zero-emission city logistics

    In this letter, 30 businesses, haulier companies and associations, cities and regions, and NGOs tell the new European Commission that binding truck and van sales targets for 2025 and 2030 – as...

     Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 06:30
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    Funding purchase grants for zero emission cars in a growing UK market

    Electric cars are a key technology for decarbonising vehicles and UK sales have been growing steadily year on year. In 2018, there were 15,500 sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in the UK...

     Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 17:35
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    How much does Uber really cost?

    Uber adds to pollution and congestion in US cities and in Europe too.

    Now NGOs globally ask Uber to clean up their act!

    Join the...

     Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 06:22
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    Why Britain’s fuel tax giveaway is costing the earth

    The UK’s drivers will shortly celebrate a decade of frozen fuel taxes with consecutive budgets maintaining duty rates at 57.95p/l since 2010 rather than raising the tax in line with inflation.

     Friday, November 15, 2019 - 15:56
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    Green powerhouse: A blueprint for battery regulations in Europe

    Unlike combustion engines that burn oil, batteries do not burn lithium or other minerals like cobalt and nickel, which can be fully recovered and used again. From a life cycle perspective battery-...

     Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 12:01