Open call: artistic collaboration on biofuels

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The project should highlight the absurdity of burning food crops as fuel for cars as an unsustainable practice for the planet or for humans.

The project is part of T&E’s Food Not Fuel campaign. The project aims to inspire change and inspire people to imagine new actions and new ways of being more compatible with our planet that go beyond burning biomass and fossil fuels and to consider communities and groups affected by biofuels policies.


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About the Food not Fuel campaign

The aim of the campaign is to expose the absurdity of burning food crops (wheat, corn, rapeseed, soy) as fuel for cars to highlight that this is not sustainable for the planet or for humans. We need to move beyond burning. This is a global problem with the effects of this felt more severely in countries outside of Europe. If food crops are burned, they cannot feed people. But Europe itself feels the effects of this huge wastage in terms of higher prices of e.g. vegetable oils, as well as wasted rewilding opportunities on land currently occupied by biofuel crops.

This article from the Guardian’s George Monbiot titled Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving? (and quotes T&E) articulates the issue well.