Learn more about what T&E has been doing in 2021 to clean transport in Europe.

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Transport is Europe’s biggest climate problem, representing 27% of the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about what Transport & Environment has been doing in 2021 to clean it up.

Campaign clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles

2021 was the year of the electric car. In July the EU announced its plan for 100% of new cars to be zero-emissions by 2035, representing one of the most important wins in T&E’s history.

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Campaign freight


Unlike for cars, there was no major combustion engine phase-out announcement for trucks in 2021. But there was still a significant amount of progress.

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Campaign clean cities

Clean cities

2021 was a momentous year for the Clean Cities Campaign. It went from being an idea on paper, to a movement of more than 60 organisations across 13 countries.

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Campaign energy


Biofuels, a fake climate solution that just won’t go away.

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Campaign aviation


Europe’s climate package targets aviation but bulk of emissions left off the hook.

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Shipping is finally made to pay for its pollution in a year of bumper profits.

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Sustainable finances

At the beginning of 2021, hopes were high that the European Commission would change the world of green investing.

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Campaign climate


A promising year for climate targets in Europe but loopholes undermine the effort

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