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Australia calls for tough stance on aviation, shipping and climate change

Bonn, Germany – In an attempt to break the political deadlock preventing action on international aviation and shipping emissions, Australia has called for reduction targets for these sectors to be agreed at the Copenhagen climate talks in December. In an indictment of the failure of the UN bodies responsible over the twelve years since the Kyoto protocol was adopted, Australia is effectively calling for the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to be stripped of their responsibility for developing and implementing reduction targets. Environmental groups have welcomed the move and called on the European Union to support it.

Icao fights for post-Kyoto control of aviation

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The International Civil Aviation Organisation says it is developing a framework for a global emissions trading scheme for aviation. The statement is being seen as the latest step in a battle for control of aviation's environmental performance after December’s climate summit in Copenhagen which should set post-2012 climate targets.