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Biofuels reports: separating the good from the bad and the ugly

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The worst biofuels can emit 2000% more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, while the best can genuinely cut down on emissions. Those are two conclusions of a new United Nations report, one of several papers published in the last month that reaffirm that only certain biofuels can be environmentally beneficial – and only then if produced in certain ways.

Oil likely to peak before 2030

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A new study on existing supplies of conventional oil says it is likely to peak before 2030 and may well peak before 2020. The Global Oil Depletion Report published last month reviews more than 500 studies, analyses industry databases and compares global supply forecasts.

Biofuels and indirect land use change: response to the European Commission's pre-consultation

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The lack of provisions to take into account the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from indirect land use change (ILUC) has created a significant loophole in the recently adopted biofuels legislation.

This publication, on behalf of several environmental and development organisations, addresses how the law should be changed.