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Commission's 'future of transport' strategy needs a reality check says T&E

The European Commission has published its vision for the future of transport policy in the European Union. But the paper completely underestimates the challenges and proposes no concrete solutions, according to Transport and Environment.

Challenge to EU as California accepts land use impact of biofuel production

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California has raised the bar on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by approving the world's first law that takes into account the indirect changes in land use caused by the production of biofuels. T&E has challenged the EU to follow California's example.

75 scientists call for end to biofuels targets

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A new study drawing on the work of 75 scientists from across the world has called for a total rethink on using biofuels for transport. It says current mandates and targets for liquid biofuels 'should be reconsidered', points out that relying on biofuels has potential for increasing the gap between rich and poor, and says the first thing governments should do is to limit demand for traditional fuels.