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Leading world organisations warn on biofuels

A report by a coalition of leading inter-governmental organisations has called for an end to all subsidies and targets for biofuels. The report, whose backers include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation and the OECD, also calls for an acceleration in research into alternative ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing energy supplies.

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Mettre en œuvre la Directive sur la qualité des carburants

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Ce briefing fournit une vue d'ensemble des mesures de réduction des émissions dues au transport dans la Directive européenne sur la qualité des carburants. Plus particulièrement, il examine l'importance qu'il y a à assigner des valeurs carbone plus élevées aux sources de carburant dont l'intensité carbone est plus forte, comme les sables bitumineux et le CTL (coal-to-liquid).

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Fuel taxes down 10 cents in 10 years

350 000 jobs ‘lost’ and chance to cut imports and emissions missedAverage fuel tax in Europe has fallen in real terms by €0.10 per litre since 1999, which has cost 350 000 jobs. These are the findings of a new study by T&E, which coincides with publication of the Commission’s proposals to revise the EU Energy Tax Directive. The proposed revision seeks to narrow the gap between Europe’s differing rates of diesel tax but leaves untouched the current ban on taxing aviation and shipping fuels.

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