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New biofuels legal action shows ‘access to information’ rules are not working

The Commission is being taken to court for the third time over an alleged failure to release information regarding the environmental impact of biofuels. The latest action relates to information about voluntary certification schemes that could play a major part in determining which biofuels are judged to be sustainable. T&E says the lawsuit shows that the Commission is failing to comply with EU ‘access to information’ rules.

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Leading world organisations warn on biofuels

A report by a coalition of leading inter-governmental organisations has called for an end to all subsidies and targets for biofuels. The report, whose backers include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organisation and the OECD, also calls for an acceleration in research into alternative ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing energy supplies.

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Mettre en œuvre la Directive sur la qualité des carburants

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Ce briefing fournit une vue d'ensemble des mesures de réduction des émissions dues au transport dans la Directive européenne sur la qualité des carburants. Plus particulièrement, il examine l'importance qu'il y a à assigner des valeurs carbone plus élevées aux sources de carburant dont l'intensité carbone est plus forte, comme les sables bitumineux et le CTL (coal-to-liquid).

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