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Decision on dirty fuels law to be taken by Environment Ministers

A key meeting on the future of the EU’s plan to cut carbon emissions from transport fuel production reached no agreement today.   A decision on carbon emissions values for highly polluting sources of fuel such as tar sands and coal-to-liquid will now be taken by Environment Ministers in the Summer.

MEPs vote to clean up air pollution from shipping

Efforts to remove one of the main causes of air pollution and acid rain from shipping have been boosted by a vote in the European Parliament. MEPs on the environment committee have approved draft rules to reduce the sulphur content of marine fuels. The changes now have to be confirmed by environment ministers and by the full Parliament.

'Fundamental rethink’ needed on EU biofuels policy

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on the right to food has called for an urgent rethink in EU biofuels policy before too much investment is made on the back of unsustainable biofuels targets. His comments come as more evidence emerges that biofuels may be a poor means of tackling climate change.

Energy tax reform stuck in stupidity

by Magnus Nilsson, T&E Senior Campaigner

Raising taxes on fossil fuels is pretty much the only climate policy tool that in all circumstances delivers real emission reductions. Telling people that the cost of petrol and diesel will have to rise may be a difficult message for politicians to put across, but if this method is rejected or not possible, climate policy will simply become unnecessarily costly.

High carbon oil: California backs law to move away from dirty oil, while Europe is still talking

Europe’s climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard is meeting EU environment ministers today to discuss Europe’s plan to force oil companies to clean up transport fuels. The meeting comes amid a long-running lobbying campaign by Canada and the oil industry who are resisting attempts to force dirty sources of oil such as tar sands and coal-to-liquid to be produced in a more sustainable way. Meanwhile, California, America’s largest transport fuel market, gave renewed backing on Friday to its own ‘Low Carbon Fuel Standard’: the world’s first.