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Having campaigned for years against road transit traffic, T&E member organisation The Alpine Initiative asked 50 lorry drivers what exactly they were transporting through Switzerland's Gotthard road tunnel. The answers ranged from car tyres, disposable nappies and felt, to cigarette filters and even caps for toothpaste tubes.

Effectiveness of EU tyre label scheme will depend on retailers

The European Parliament has approved a new energy efficiency, safety and noise labelling scheme for new tyres. Transport & Environment says the label is a step forward but much will now depend on national authorities being strict on implementing the scheme.

Commission drive to limit CO2 from vans

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The Commission is expected to act this month to close a gap in EU legislation by limiting carbon dioxide emissions from road transport. It is putting the final touches to proposals to tighten environmental standards for vans and light trucks, but the car makers’ lobby is fighting to get the proposals weakened, while environmental groups fear that some large cars could be reclassified as small trucks to allow the makers to be less strict about emissions.