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Car advertising

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The Commission wants people's views on how to improve consumer information in advertisements for new cars. The consultation comes after Brussels admitted the 1999 directive requiring fuel consumption and CO2 labelling of all new cars is 'not working as well as it could'. One of the options proposed is to make the rules on advertising information more strict.

Carmakers should come clean on emissions targets

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T&E's Kerstin Meyer writes in today's Financial Times:

To say that carmakers have reversed their stance on emissions is a bit of a stretch (report, June 4). The German car lobby and, to be fair, the industry as a whole have, rather, re-branded their attempts at watering down the European Union's proposed car fuel efficiency targets. The "integrated approach" used to be the buzzword of choice. Now it is "eco-innovations".

Tyre noise exemption for SUVs as research shows traffic noise causing more deaths than car accidents

The European Commission is set to propose new noise and energy efficiency standards for tyres with a blanket exemption for Europe's noisiest and most gas gazzling sports-utility vehicles (SUVs), according to draft rules seen by T&E.

The technology is available - we now need legislation to ensure it reaches the buyer

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Editorial by Dudley Curtis, T&E Communications Officer

My cycle route to work is, sadly, not the most scenic. It takes me though a fading industrial estate and the rather uninspiring area around the Gare du Midi railway station in Brussels. But recently some interesting sights have started to appear along the way.