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Securing the legislation is only half the battle

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Editorial by Kerstin Meyer, T&E Policy Officer

It was Germany’s ‘iron chancellor’ Otto von Bismarck who once said, ‘Laws are like sausages – it is better not to see them being made. This quote is not only true for the making of EU laws but also for what happens after they have been decided. Because making the law is only half the battle.

Bank warning on scrappage

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The European Central Bank has expressed doubt about the economic value of car ‘scrappage’ schemes. Its monthly bulletin for October looks at the effects of incentives for car owners to trade in an old car for a newer one. It says such schemes have been of limited benefit and may ‘undermine overall income and employment prospects in the longer term’. It also says the rise in car sales under scrappage schemes has to be viewed alongside a corresponding drop in sales of other goods.

Are young adults cool about cars?

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A study by a market research company in America says today’s young adults are less keen to get their first car than their parents were. The company, JD Power, analysed hundreds of thousands of internet ‘conversations’ to work out what people born between 1980 and 2000 think today. One conclusion was that the growth of media communication such as email and social networking websites, along with rising fuel costs, have reduced the need for mobility. A senior official of JD Power said the research also picked up negative perceptions of the automotive industry, which could combine with the need for less mobility to reduce sales of vehicles.

How to Avoid an Electric Shock - Electric Cars: From Hype to Reality

This report asks the question: what role can electric cars play in the decarbonisation of transport? It is an attempt to look behind the hype, and an attempt to bring the available scientific evidence to the attention of policymakers and the public.  

Threat to EU tyre safety rules could cost lives

The EU risks endangering road safety and creating additional carbon dioxide emissions following calls to weaken the technical details of new EU rules for car tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). EU member state officials will meet with the European Commission on Tuesday to discuss whether to approve weaker standards backed by the global car industry with the support of some Member State governments led by Germany and current EU Presidency holder, Sweden.

Car makers’ performance makes case for van limits

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The latest figures on how car makers are reducing carbon dioxide emissions from new cars highlight rapidly differing performances among the main manufacturers. But the pattern of those differences shows that the forthcoming obligatory CO2 limits are leading to changes in the automotive industry, which has led T&E to intensify its call for the EU to introduce CO2 limits for light commercial vehicles.