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The real story behind why a win:win directive is in danger

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Editorial by Jos Dings

What a month! We knew when the Commission proposed Europe's first mandatory emissions standards for new cars that getting the legislation passed would mean a bumpy ride, but the events of September really were dramatic. Yet how many people really understand what is behind this increasingly polarised issue?

MEPs' call for 'phased' CO2 limits amounts to a postponement, IEEP study shows

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The European Parliament’s industry committee has proposed a weakening of the EU draft legislation on cutting carbon dioxide emissions from cars, calling for a ‘phased’ approach. T&E says the proposal, if adopted, will make the new rules ‘almost completely meaningless’ and is calling on the EP’s environment committee to reject the idea.

Now is not the time to slow the momentum on better cars

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Editorial by Aat Peterse, T&E Policy Officer

So it can be done! The news from our third progress report on car makers’ efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions shows BMW as the star reducer at 7.3%. What is perhaps even more telling is that this progress was made across the entire fleet of cars that BMW brings to market.

No charge

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The newly elected mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has abandoned plans for basing the London congestion charge on CO2 emissions. The plans, which included charging the worst cars over €30 and led to a legal challenge from Porsche, were launched earlier this year by Johnson’s predecessor Ken Livingstone. The London congestion charge remains unaltered.