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ICAO Council discussion on including aviation in the EU-ETS

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On 2 November, the governing body of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is scheduled to discuss a paper put forward by 26 countries calling for the adoption of a joint declaration against the inclusion of aviation emissions in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) from 2012, originally signed in New Delhi on 30 September.  The background briefing explains events leading up to the declaration and links to a legal case brought by three American airlines against the EU.

Advocate’s opinion emphatically rejects airlines’ ETS complaints

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Attempts by several airlines to be excluded from the EU’s aviation Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) when it begins in January have suffered a major setback. The advocate general of the European Court of Justice has delivered her opinion on the case, and it rejects all the airlines’ complaints. Although the advocate general’s opinion is not binding on the final ruling, the Court seldom deviates substantially from an advocate general’s view, and this view is very clear.

European Court’s Preliminary Opinion Supports Legality of EU Law That Curbs Aviation Pollution

A transatlantic coalition of environmental groups applauded today’s European Court of Justice’s Advocate General’s preliminary opinion, which supports Europe’s right to tackle carbon emissions from airlines that use its airports. The coalition said the preliminary opinion was very encouraging. The Court is expected to hand down its final opinion in early 2012.

How can you regulate something you don’t measure properly?

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Opinion by Jos Dings - T&E deputy directorAll the current talk about developments in aviation and environment seems centred on the row over the impending introduction of emissions trading for the sector. But something else is going on in the aviation world that could have very important global repercussions too. It is to do with measuring the fuel efficiency of aircraft, something that is totally normal in the road traffic sector. But in aviation, the issue is being made artificially complicated, and being hidden from daylight.

Shipping shows aviation that climate action can happen

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Opinion By Jos Dings - T&E DirectorThis edition of the Bulletin is somewhat special. You will have seen it is the 200th, after exactly 20 years of operation. But it is also special because it is one of the few in which both aviation and shipping take centre stage. And because a divide between them is emerging. It is becoming increasingly clear that, while in the shipping sector the global community can actually take occasional steps forward, in aviation it is still the same old sad story of trying to stop progress from happening. Or even worse, trying to reverse it.

Airlines' attack on EU emissions trading system meets powerful opposition

The European Union, backed by six of its member states, Norway and an international coalition of environmental organisations robustly defended the law integrating aviation into the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) at a hearing today at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Aviation's ETS objections are baseless

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OpinionBy Jos Dings - T&E Director
In recent weeks a number of foreign airlines have been heard complaining about their inclusion from next year in Europe’s emissions trading system (EU-ETS). It was no coincidence that the collective moan emanated from the industry’s annual gathering in Singapore. Nothing rallies the airline troops like a rant against environmental policy, and the journalists who had shown up in Singapore had to write about something. But this time, even Willie Walsh, boss of British Airways, found himself speaking out against a law he himself favoured when it was in the making. His complaints echoed warnings from Airbus of a trade war in a letter to the European Commission.