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A stern warning about the need to cut fossil dependence

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Editorial by Jos Dings

In 2006 there has been a rush of high-profile events which are pushing energy and climate issues up the EU agenda. Record temperatures in July, September and October, an ex-US-vice-president making a bold film on climate change, an ex-filmstar-turned-US-state-governor promoting bold climate policies, Russia using gas as a tool to threaten Ukraine and Georgia, soaring oil prices and increasing “resource nationalism” have all made headlines across the globe. Yet perhaps the most significant event in the news last month was the Stern report on the economics of climate change.

T&E statement on publication of EU Common Transport Policy

The European Commission has today published a new transport strategy paper that ignores the specific objectives and targets to protect health and the environment from the negative impacts of transport agreed by EU leaders last Friday says T&E, the European sustainable transport citizens organisation.

Draft Common Transport Policy Conflicts with Sustainable Development Strategy

On Friday June 16, T&E wrote again to President Barosso regarding the Common Transport Policy midterm review. "Today, European leaders backed the EU’s revised Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) at their meeting in Brussels. Next week the Commission is set to publish its midterm review of the Common Transport Policy (CTP). But judging by the latest draft of the CTP review, which we have seen, the Commission has manifestly failed to consider the former when preparing the latter. That a major statement of European transport policy by the Commission should totally ignore the clearly-stated demands of European leaders is as bizarre as it is wrong..."
Download the full letter.

EU Transport Policy Conflicts with Sustainable Development

The EU is about to embark on an unsustainable new transport policy which has little or no economic justification and undermines several other key European policies according to The Green 10 group of environmental NGOs in a letter sent today to Commission President José Manuel Barroso. Download the full letter.