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Administrative burden of tar sand classification in the Fuel Quality Directive

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This briefing addresses concerns over the impending rules that implement the Fuel Quality Directive. It shows that the extra administrative burden that FQD will impose to fuel suppliers is relatively modest and that accurate reporting on the GHG intensity of tar sands production does not imply a massive increase in reporting obligations.

German government proposal on vehicle noise to the UNECE

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Germany will present a proposal for international vehicle noise standards at the next UNECE noise meeting on 19-21 September 2011. The German proposal would create some important loopholes, which means significant action will not be asked of the worst offenders: heavy lorries and high-powered cars.

Funding for transport infrastructure in the new EU budget

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On 29 June 2011, the Commission proposed a new seven-year EU budget (Multiannual Financial Framework, MFF) that covers EU public expenditure between 2014 and 2020. This paper summarises the transport-relevant parts of the MFF and attempts to check whether it can help ‘decarbonise’ the transport sector.

Mettre en œuvre la Directive sur la qualité des carburants

Ce briefing fournit une vue d'ensemble des mesures de réduction des émissions dues au transport dans la Directive européenne sur la qualité des carburants. Plus particulièrement, il examine l'importance qu'il y a à assigner des valeurs carbone plus élevées aux sources de carburant dont l'intensité carbone est plus forte, comme les sables bitumineux et le CTL (coal-to-liquid).

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