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Traffic noise – a problem neglected for 40 years that must now be confronted

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Editorial by Nina Renshaw, T&E Policy OfficerIt’s strange how sometimes the most obvious problem is the one that is overlooked. One of the tasks the environmental movement has is to get people to understand the urgency of harmful emissions when there isn’t much tangible awareness of either those emissions or the problems they cause. By contrast, noise is a tangible problem, something we hear, especially when it keeps us awake. Yet at EU level, the problem of noise is a tale of severe neglect.

Environment ministers accused of ‘shameful’ undermining of EU action on aviation

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EU environment ministers have watered down European plans to tackle the environmental implications of aviation. In a parallel development, the Commission has proposed being far more lenient on airlines than on electricity companies.

EU's first binding rules on car CO2 emissions attacked for weakening current target

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A draft of Europe’s first ever legislation forcing car makers to emit a maximum level of carbon dioxide emissions was published in December. T&E criticised the Commission’s proposals as failing to set a new long-term target and weakening the existing target.

Cleaner ship fuel could save thousands of lives

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the London-based United Nations body that regulates shipping across the world, began meetings this week to review and potentially tighten air pollution standards for the world’s shipping fleet, continuing scientific research has found that the use of cleaner marine fuel could prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths from shipping air pollution each year.

Biofuels targets are 'a dangerous dead end'

The EU strategy for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport fuels is in disarray today following the European Commission's proposal to massively increase biofuel use, according to environmental groups BirdLife International and Transport and Environment (T&E). Whereas both organisations strongly support the Commission’s proposal of a 20% target for renewable energy by 2020, they argue that the 10% biofuels target is a dangerous dead end.