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First EU aviation deal confirmed – but is it a milestone or a missed opportunity?

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The EU's first legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aviation has been formally agreed by MEPs and governments – but only after a series of compromises that caused T&E to describe it as 'a historic missed opportunity'.

T&E Reaction to the adoption of the 'Greener Transport Package' by the European Commission

The European Commission adopted today a package entitled "Towards Greener Transport" which included a long-awaited strategy to allow transport to pay for the costs that they cause to environment and society. The package includes a legislative Proposal to revise the Eurovignette Directive that aims to remove a legal obstacle which prohibits trucks being charged for the costs that they cause in terms of congestion and pollution.

EU spending €1 billion a day on oil imports as leaders backtrack on efficient cars

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For the first time in history European Union member states are spending over €1 billion every day on imported oil, four times more than in 2003 and smashing all previous records, according to analysis by Transport and Environment (T&E).

Europe should reject France and Germany's 'disastrous' car CO2 pact

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German chancellor Angela Merkel emerged victorious from negotiations with her French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy earlier this month on an agreement that could severely weaken the upcoming car CO2 law. T&E is calling on the other EU member states to reject the deal.