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Europe set to clean up fuels but stalls on cars

Europe has taken one step forward and one step back in the fight against global climate change today according to three leading environmental groups. BirdLife International, the European Environment Bureau (EEB) and Transport and Environment (T&E) have welcomed EU plans to introduce carbon reduction targets for transport fuels but slammed the failure to announce a legally-binding target for car fuel-efficiency following high-level intervention by the German car industry last week.

Environmental NGOs call on Barroso to legislate on cars and climate

The directors of ten leading environmental NGOs have co-signed a letter to Commission President Barroso calling on him to bring forward binding legislation on cars and climate change. The letter follows Barroso's intervention this week to postpone a planned review of the EU strategy on reducing CO2 from cars.

Download the letter (pdf).

EU proposes 'blunt' transport biofuel target as Schwarzenegger shows the way forward

The European Union has proposed to almost double the proportion of biofuels used in transport but has no idea how much this will actually reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Meanwhile Governor Schwarzenegger yesterday announced an innovative plan to cut CO2 emissions from the production and use of all fuels used for cars by 10% in the state of California.